Rice Flour for Fried Tofu

The mention of tofu can induce a wide variety of reactions, often a grimace from many Americans. Deep frying is a reliable way to make tofu more appealing to many palates, but can be tricky to execute. Should the tofu be fried “naked”? Coated with cornstarch? Battered? I’ve tried a range of methods, but recently came across the suggestion to use rice flour, which reportedly helps fried tofu stay crispy long after frying.

I gave it a shot with Arrowhead Mills White Rice Flour. I cut soft tofu (not silken, but softer than the usual firm texture I buy) into approximately 1 inch cubes, dusted them well in the flour, and fried them for about 8-10 minutes in 350° F oil. The test audience was my kids, who normally turn up their nose at tofu. They gobbled up the cubes without complaint. True to the claims, the cubes did in fact stay crispy, even after being refrigerated for a few days and reheated in the oven. The white rice flour was less clumpy than conrstarch. The only potential detraction was that the Arrowhead Mills brand was a bit coarse, with an cornmeal-like texture. Next time, I’d try a finer grind.

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