Classic Glazed Doughnuts

I am by no means a doughnut aficionado. I enjoyed them as a child, but find them too sweet and rich as an adult. I admit to having a nostalgic fondness for chocolate cake doughnuts, but I know that many prefer the airier yeasted variety.

Yeasted doughnuts are surprisingly easy to make. Use a moderate rich white bread recipe, roll and cut after the first rise, then fry and glaze after a final proof. Many recipes online are largely similar, but Mark Bittman’s NY Times version is reliable.

Need an added twist? Instead of the 1:5 ratio of milk:powdered sugar (by weight) used in Bittman’s glaze, use a 1:1 ratio of powdered sugar to maple syrup for a thick maple glaze.

A warning: Bittman’s recipe makes a lot of dough. I made a dozen 3-inch doughnuts and enough left over for a 8 inch square pan of cinnamon buns using nearly 600 g of dough.

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