In Search of the Ultimate Birthday Cake

There’s no birthday cake more classic than the golden cake with chocolate frosting. Everyone seems to like it, yet finding a good reliable recipe has been a challenge. I have had consistently good luck with King Arthur Flour’s Golden Vanilla Cake, topped with a chocolate ganache (either whipped or not), but I noticed a newContinue reading “In Search of the Ultimate Birthday Cake”

M&M Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are great, but there is something about M&M cookies (the colors, the candy crunch) that adds another dimension, especially for kids. I adapted my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe for these cookies. While I prefer the chocolate chip version in larger form and slightly under baked, these work well as smaller cookies.

Buttermilk Banana Bread

Banana eating in our house is somewhat unpredictable, and it’s easy to end up with old bananas quickly exceeding their lifespan¬†for eating plain. ¬†Fortunately, these can always be turned into banana bread, which is best when bananas are past their typical prime (with heavy, dark splotches covering their peel). One problem is that most bananaContinue reading “Buttermilk Banana Bread”