Review: Magic Spoon Pumpkin Chai and Cinnamon Roll

Magic Spoon is riding the popularity wave of low-carbohydrate, high protein foods. Often targeted at those who are adhering to the ketogenic diet, these foods are typically higher in fat and protein compared to standard fare, while limiting overall carbohydrates. Magic Spoon is no different, but aims to deliver an experience similar to typical sweetened cereal by using allulose, a “rare sugar” that is not effectively metabolized by the body. These are expensive cereals, with a typical price around $10 for a 5-serving box. Nonetheless, the promise of a more healthful alternative to standard breakfast cereals (many of which don’t materially differ from dessert) has driven a rise in popularity.

The most popular flavors of Magic Spoon are sold at Amazon and Target, but the Magic Spoon website is the only choice for the broadest range of options. In addition to a largely fixed set of standard flavors, Magic Spoon occasionally releases seasonal varieties. One limitation of buying directly from Magic Spoon (vs. Target) is that cereals need to be purchased in packs of at least 4. I have found that a custom variety pack is the best way to sample flavors. One recently available flavor was Pumpkin Chai.

Like all Magic Spoon varieties, the cereal is shaped similar to Cheerios, but feels a bit more substantial and tends to stay crispier in milk for longer. Pumpkin Chai is indeed an usual flavor for cereal, but it is reminiscent of the “pumpkin spice” range of products that dominates store shelves during the fall. I generally enjoy pumpkin products, but this variety didn’t work for me. The flavor was indeed somewhat similar to pumpkin bread, but I was struck by the waxy mouthfeel of the cereal, as if it had too much fat. The actual fat content per serving is listed as 8g, only slightly higher than the typical 7g of other flavors, but the difference is notable. Pumpkin Chai currently appears to be out of rotation, but I’d skip this flavor if it returns in the future.

For what it’s worth, I have the same issue with the Peanut Butter flavor which, while it appears to be popular, is one of my least favorite flavors. If you enjoy the Peanut Butter flavor, then it may be worth a sample.

Cinnamon Roll, in contrast, is a standard flavor that has replaced chocolate in the standard variety pack, and with good reason. It has a universally appealing cereal flavor, and delivers it well. There is a temptation to compare it to Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but the Magic Spoon version is considerably less sweet and, to my taste, much more enjoyable; it is cinnamon flavor rather than cinnamon sugar The moderate cinnamon flavor is more analogous to Cinnamon Cheerios.

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